Star Wars Kinect


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I absolutely love Star Wars.

As a young boy, I was completely enthralled with every facet of the films, especially the amazing spaceships and concepts of intergalactic travel. It is precisely what sparked in me a lifelong passion for science and science fiction.

One day, as fortune would have it, I was asked to work on a marketing pitch for the launch of Kinect Star Wars, an Xbox game where your characters are controlled by physical player movements.

I designed the following style frames for the pitch. Sadly, this direction was not selected for production, however I am still quite pleased with how it turned out. The concept is an extrapolation of the mechanics from the game: Our physical reality (Kinect-based gaming) directly intersects with the Star Wars universe in the game, so what if our daily realities directly intersected with the Star Wars universe?

I personally feel it would be awesome.


Concept frames designed for the marketing of a Star Wars video game.


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